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My Story and Promise to you!

Each of us are on a different journey through life - experiencing different things at different times - the highs and lows. 

Life for me has always been an adventure. As I look around the next corner to see what's coming. A few years ago the journey I was on shook my "snow globe" really hard and parts of my life were no longer in focus. 

Even though I have 20 years experience in various areas of "art" (acting, directing, writing, singing and animation projects)  photography began to help me regain focus once again.

I found that when looking through the view finder of a camera life takes on a whole new meaning for me. The colors, the lights and most importantly the people that I meet, energize that part of me that wants to "LIVE" more than ever. 

So, when creating iLivePhotography I knew it would be more than a business of just taking pictures. The photo sessions are a time to have fun, be relaxed and be who you are as I get to be who I am. 

Through photography we all have a chance to "Live in the moment while creating lasting memories."

My promise to you is that while our paths come together for such a short time during a photo session, we are creating memories, for each of us, that will last a life time.

Thank you for taking the time to look through my website. I greatly appreciate it.  If you have questions just let me know... I'll be glad to help out.

Jim Miner 

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